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Where to use

Purchase products and services using crypto


U-LAND ultimate crypto marketplace

UNITED is Utility token to pay the United crypto card fees and to be used for purchasing products and services !

We have recently released a portal called U-land where anyone can list their properties in sale or rent, List your Business, Crypto ATM, or sell whichever item you desire in exchange to cryptocurrency.

There are already today properties listed from 5 different countries in U-land marketplace and constantly adding extra.

In the same platform under the “merchants” section you find first merchants who already accept united as payment. Just take your united wallet with you when you visit those merchants and say that you want to PAY with United

In this summer United will open also a marketplace as Facebook marketplace. The only difference is, that buying and selling in the platform works oly with cryptocurrency United or BTC.

Invest Cryptocurrency into various projects


U-CUBE crowdfunding with crypto

We are increasing the usability of UNITED from June 2021 by opening United crowdfunding.

This means that if you own United Tokens, you have various new projects where you can invest your Tokens and earn rewards weekly or monthly. In case you still don’t have it, you can buy it from multiple exchanges.

If you have a great business idea and you want to collect money from the crypto crowd, list your project and get funded!